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AMBER LAW teaches a way of healing individuals and families through the mindful practice of Family and Children Law.

‘AMBER’ is a healing stone. Its properties are known to absorb negative energy, pain and disease.The amber stone is known to remove stress and anxiety, lift depression, stimulate the intellect, foster self-confidence and ignite creative self-expression. The amber stone also provides clarity in decision making, bringing more wisdom and balance. The amber resin that forms the stone, comes from trees, nature, mother earth. Healing is represented in the Yin Yang by the golden, amber hues, from earth.

‘LAW’ is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as a,“system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members…”. Here, LAW is about creating a way of living that is as close to divine justice, as is humanly possible: free from prejudice, discrimination, separation, hierarchy and corruption. Can we live daily in loving kindness, compassion, respect, truth and love, from our own hearts and minds? Divine inspiration comes from spirit, soul, love and light source energy. LAW is therefore represented by the light, white, silver hues, from above.

The Yin Yang replaces the traditional scales of justice, as a powerful symbol of balance and equanimity. We live in a world of duality; where harmony can only be achieved when our opposites (dark and light) are balanced. Without balance, conflicts will continue brewing within us, causing us and those around us, disease. Attaining equilibrium, moderation and purity of intention, in all we think, say and do, is the goal. The Yin Yang reminds us of the one certain thing life brings to us all, which is constant movement, change and transformation. You have the opportunity to change whatever your life’s circumstances, at any moment you decide to.

In joining the AMBER LAW Membership Site, my wish for you and your family is that you receive a healing light and awakening that will offer you, your children and loved ones, a pathway towards more peace, happiness, freedom and balance.

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With gratitude,