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Restorative Justice Within Family Law Systems

Wednesday, 7th September 2022 19:00 - Thursday, 8th September 2022 20:00

During this two-part interactive presentation, we will examine current Family Law practices and identify how Restorative Justice can decrease potential further harm while increasing the potential for true voice and needs to be heard by both parties in a divorce and/or custody situation. In addition we will examine the impact on children and offer restorative practice suggestions that are child-focused.

This is a session for anyone involved in or interested in improving the success of family law results in truly upholding well-being of children while addressing parent conflict of all levels, and decreasing caseloads and drawn out recurrences that require massive amounts of judicial processing time, court attention and money, for all involved.

Your presenter Molly R. Leach has experienced a six-year family law case and has insights into the key and critical gaps of its typical process, and how RJ professionals, Judges, Court Officials, and all those involved in traditional systems can support a decrease in caseloads, and more importantly an increase in truly supportive agreements that empower parents and most importantly, their children.

In this class and discussion we will provide suggested process solutions and their steps after identifying the critical gaps that cause harm. We will also present on how a Restorative option in Family Law benefits those within the traditional system.

At this time, Restorative Justice on The Rise (2011-Present) is supported by class income and private contributions in order to continue our work. We also always offer scholarships to those in need, and Youth Under 24 always get passes to any class they wish to attend.

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  • From Wednesday, 7th September 2022 19:00 to Thursday, 8th September 2022 20:00

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