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  • Creative Solutions to Legal Problems - Your Life, Your Path

    Creative Solutions to Legal Problems - Your Life, Your Path

One-to-one Consultations

Amber Law is a unique Holistic law firm established in March 2013. We take a kind and compassionate approach and empathise with our clients' legal as well as personal needs. We understand that most conflict and legal problems arise from personal issues which may also need to be addressed and resolved to avoid the same conflicts and legal problems surfacing again in future. This reduces the harm caused to clients, children and families throughout the legal process.

We work together with you collaboratively as your voice matters, in a safe space of non-judgment, to creatively find the best solutions to a wide spectrum of life challenges, conflicts, and legal disputes. Our services are highly confidential, cost effective and sensitive to your needs.

We also offer a sign-posting service to healing professionals for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support, should you be open to this opportunity for life change Client Well-being.

Our one-to-one consultations with barrister, acting solicitor and Mediator Amber Turner are offered both in person and online via zoom meetings. Initial consultations last between one hour and 90 minutes. To book today please email: