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  • Creating Safe, Fun & Thriving Work Environments

    Creating Safe, Fun & Thriving Work Environments

Employment Conflict/ Dispute Resolution

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The employment relationship is one of the most important relationships you will experience in life, given that many of us spend a significant portion of our waking hours at the workplace. It is common that in spending so many hours at work misunderstandings, miscommunication and therefore conflict/ disputes can arise between employees and between an employer and employee.

A Holistic Approach Away from Court Rooms

The level of conflict/ disputes varies and we advise that these matters be dealt with at the earliest possible time, given the damaging effects on mental health and well-being of those affected and the ripple effect on others in the workplace witnessing.

People come from their own life experience and will have different styles of reacting to conflict which are often unconscious:

  • to fight -such as becoming angry and arguing, escalating conflict
  • to flight -such as taking extended time off work, avoiding the conflict
  • to freeze -such as being unable to voice concerns or report issues
  • to fawn -such as appeasing a bully, which worsens the situation

Although these are automatic survival responses, none of these is helpful in resolving conflicts/ disputes.

At Amber Law, we offer a holistic approach to conflict/ dispute resolution away from court rooms and the employment tribunal. We acknowledge the connection between conflicts/ disputes and well-being at all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We are aware also of the financial cost of conflict/ disputes for employees and employers.

However complex your matter, contact Amber Law today to assist you in resolving and dissolving the conflict/ disputes at your workplace.


Mediation is a process where two or more people in conflict decide to ask for the support and guidance of an independent Mediator to assist in them clearing misunderstandings and building better communication towards resolving matters they cannot agree upon.

This option has an 80% success rate in the UK. It takes less time than court proceedings, is cheaper and empowers parties to make their own way towards an Agreement, rather than have final decisions affecting them, their families, employment or other significant matters affecting their lives, decided by a Judge and imposed on them by Court Order. In this way, Mediation is also less stressful and worrying than impending court battles. There is also opportunity to heal relationships and unite people.

Client Well-being

Amber Law offers a Client Well-being Network of professionals, associations, charities and trained volunteers who can offer continuing support and guidance in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health, and family life.

Our holistic services includes assistance with access to educational opportunities, CV writing to find gainful employment and access to re/housing.


Conflict and legal problems not only affects the client but also all those with whom they share significant relationships.

Our Courses raise awareness about the causes and effects of conflict and legal problems, why we have an individual and collective responsibility towards supporting those individuals affected, including their children, family, friends, work colleagues and employers and how to effectively do so.