Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement

Perry J. Saidman (USA) of The Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law and Politics

I'm just writing on behalf of the PISLAP Executive Committee to thank you for joining as a member and to welcome you. We all enjoyed your participation on today's call regarding our collaboration with The Conscious Lawyer Magazine.

It's great to have you as one of us trying to create a more loving and socially connected world - and to transform our legal system - rather than the current effort to vindicate individual self-interest. Of course, there are good things about our existing system, but it's time for humanity to transcend excessive focus on individualism and move toward caring for the well-being of one another.

If we can support your work in any way or be of assistance to you, please let us know and I'll hope to see you and talk to you at future PISLAP events.

Warm regards,