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Christian Hermida, Former Client

It is not easy when you have been married for 18 years and you come to the day when you have to acknowledge that your marriage is breaking down. The fear of failure, the fear on where this leaves your children, the uncertainty, not knowing what it will lead to, will cause anyone in that situation a lot of stress and anxiety. I could not understand why my marriage was breaking down? The thought of not being with my children or not seeing them on a daily basis, was heart-breaking, unbearable for me.

My ex-wife told me it was ‘over’ in 2014. I could not understand why this was happening to me? Friends, family and work colleagues were all supporting me, but I needed to seek legal advice and guidance. I did so with a local law firm, but in approximately 6 months of dealings with my wife’s lawyer, there was no progress, so I took the decision to find a new family lawyer.

In February 2015, a good friend of mine highly recommended that I should contact Amber Turner of Amber Law. Without any hesitation whatsoever I made contact with Amber and asked her if she would be willing to represent me. She kindly agreed.

Amber dealt with my case as a priority when I explained that there were many issues relating to the children on which my wife and I could not agree and we had been arguing for 6 months already. Amber understood that the prolonged disputes and conflict with my wife were causing us all, the children included, a lot of pain and suffering. My mental and emotional health was affected as my children and I were very close. I required a Separation Agreement to be put into place as a matter of urgency.

Amber had to read all my documents which had previously been given to my former lawyer, as she wanted to ensure that my communications contained a true and honest reflection of the circumstances. Amber wanted us to be transparent and fair and that any Agreement benefit and work well for all of the family members.

I remember that Amber worked over the weekend to ensure that an Agreement with my wife about our property, money and more importantly the arrangements for our children, would be in place by the beginning of the following week and she delivered this. The Separation Agreement was about putting our children first and protecting them. At no point should our children become the victims of our marriage breaking down. Arrangements for contact generally and during holidays was most important to me, to continue enjoying a close and meaningful relationship with them. It was also important for us to agree the financial support for them at the time and into their future.

Amber understood that my children came first for me and closing an Agreement meant regaining certainty over all our futures. It also meant that both my wife and I could get some form of closure and move forward with our lives.

When a family breaks down, I believe that the children involved are the ones who suffer the most. No child wants to see their parents separate and no child wants to see their parents arguing. It makes them feel scared and unsafe. It is not healthy and does no good to them mentally or emotionally. Sometimes we as adults do not see that because at the time we too are scared and caught up in our own pain.

I am of the opinion that all marriages should be worked at and couples, especially those with children, ought to try to resolve their issues or differences before heading for separation or divorce. If either spouse does not want to however, then the only thing you can do is accept that the marriage is over. They say that things tend to happen for a reason and I believe that whatever the reason is and no matter what we do, we must aim always to be happy in life. Happy parents make for happy children.

I regard Amber very highly on the work that she does and how she connects with people. Whenever someone who I know is going through the situation I suffered, I always recommend Amber, praising her and telling my story on how she as a very good lawyer and how she dealt with my urgent situation. I highly recommend Amber to whoever requires any help, legal advice and wants the best professional lawyer anyone could ask for to represent them.