Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement

Marie Fox, Art As Therapy

My name is Marie and I teach Art as Therapy and Tai Chi as healing arts. I joined Amber Law’s Team of Holistic Professionals in 2014 because I know that adults and children going through the stress and anxiety that legal disputes such as separation and divorce carry, do benefit from the mental and emotional support these creative practices have to offer.

The way Amber practices law ‘Holistically’, makes a positive difference for her clients because it truly is transformative. She sees not only the legal dispute but its profound impact on you at all levels. She addresses the legal issues intelligently and creatively and also has the gift of empathy to carry you from a place of uncertainty and fear to a space of clarity and peace. Then you can move forward with your life after the legal problem is peaceably resolved, in a much more positive mindset. A place from which to make new and better life choices.

Amber is dedicated, compassionate and passionate about her work. She gives you not only her professional advice and guidance but her friendship and support and has a calming effect on her clients, as many of her clients testify. She has a gentle way and is a guide.

At Amber Law, Amber has built a strong Holistic Well-being Network covering: Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Yoga, Art Therapy (me!) and so on, to meet her clients’ mental, emotional, physical and even their spiritual needs. This is both a refreshing and humane approach to the resolution of challenging legal problems or disputes which simultaneously offers an opportunity and safe space for healing.

I wish Amber and her team every success in growing a Movement of like-minded lawyers to practice law in this beautiful way- Holistically, towards peace.

With gratitude x