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  • Positively Transform Lives by Addressing Any Underlying Issues

    Positively Transform Lives by Addressing Any Underlying Issues

Creating Your Own Holistic Well-being Network

At Amber Law we inspire people in disputes, conflict, or with legal problems (in crisis) to find a peaceful win/ win solution; and empower their transformational journey to clarity, peace and healing; elevating social consciousness..."

Amber Turner BSc (Hons) LLM, Founder of Amber Law

As a Holistic Lawyer you will need a trusted, vetted, professional network of Holistic Practitioners to complement your Holistic Law Practice. We are Holistic Lawyers and we cannot and should never overstep the boundary into other supporting professions such as: Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Family Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Art Therapists, Nutritionists and so on.  We can merely 'signpost' once we become appraised of our clients' needs.

In this Workshop you will learn with practical examples:

  • Who should be in your Holistic Well-being Network and why?
  • How do you vet your Holistic Practitioners?
  • When is it appropriate (and when is it not appropriate!) to recommend that a client connect with your Holistic Well-being Network?
  • How do you extend this invitation to your client, in practice?

By treating all your clients with respect, humility, non-judgment, compassion and empathy and when appropriate offering them an opportunity to be supported by your Holistic Well-being Network, you have the power to create a safe space for a more peaceful and therapeutic resolution of your clients’ legal problems or disputes and for their healing. When this happens, your own personal wellbeing and career satisfaction will greatly improve.

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