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Stress Management

Meet Amber Law Collaborator, Geraldine Canepa

I am an established stress therapist since 2003, registered with the ISMA in the UK. Additionally, I qualified specifically as a child and adolescent counsellor.

I also hold a diploma in Positive Psychology and I am a registered Hatha and Raja Yoga Teacher.

I am the organiser of the annual Stress Awareness Day and Health and Wellbeing Event in Gibraltar.

I work with people who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, burn out or simply need some positive direction in their lives. In therapy we will examine the deeper issues that could be contributing to the stress, as well as learning important techniques to help deal with your problems or simply better your mental health.

What is Stress?

Stress is the feeling you get when you feel you cannot meet the demands that are placed upon you. Although some stress is good for motivation, poor control of stressful feelings can result in a lack of sleep, nervousness, unhealthy habits and strained relationships. In extreme cases, it can even be harmful to blood pressure and vital organs. Learning how to control stress often requires a professional, such as a stress management counselor or therapist. A stress management counselor trains in helping coach people through their stressful situations and find a lasting treatment for stress that they can incorporate it into their lives. Becoming a stress management counselor requires training, certification and a desire to help people through difficult problems.

When is the best time to seek help?

  • Stress is a problem that feeds on itself and lowers your ability to cope - so the sooner you seek help, the better. The stigma of mental illness means many are reluctant to get the help they need, sadly this will only encourage a destructive cycle of stress, anxiety and depression. 
  • Stress (and the effects of stress) are dominating your life.
  • Stress is affecting you physically to the point that you feel unwell.
  • You are abusing alcohol or taking drugs to cope.
  • You are experiencing angry outbursts that are affecting those around you.

Talking through the issues you are facing, can help you deal with any underlying issues that are affecting your stress levels such as low self-esteem. Your counsellor may also be able to identify your personal stress triggers and can talk you through ways of dealing with them.

Relaxation training is included in the hourly sessions. It is a great way to alleviate tension in both your body and your mind. Mindfulness is another technique being used for stress and depression by many - the concept involves deep breathing exercises and focusing on the present. By eliminating thoughts about the past or future, mindfulness helps reduce unnecessary stress and focuses on the here and now.
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