Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement

Francis Buttigieg, Founder of the Dignity At Work Now Charity

"I am the Founder of Dignity At Work Now (DAWN), Charity No. 175 which addresses Workplace Bullying in Gibraltar.  I have had the privilege of having worked with Amber in a collaborative way, for a number of years.

Amber's Holistic approach to problem solving law in the area of Workplace Bullying is instrumental in positively contributing to the improvement of that for which we come together.

Her legal knowledge and mediation skills applied in resolving challenging disputes for individuals, private employers, at a Government interdepartmental level, and for agencies, has been vital in finding a positive resolution for all those involved.

Amber's experience and expertise in dealing with Workplace Bullying cases, places Amber in an excellent position to assist those individual (or groups of) employees or employers who may need to confidentially and discreetly consult an Expert who also offers online and in-house training programs.”