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Margaret Rodriguez, Former Client

“When my close to 30-year marriage broke down, I was in my late 50s. I had been looking forward to my husband’s retirement and all the lifelong plans we would finally enjoy. Now I was heart-broken. Lost. Devastated. His leaving came as a complete shock to me. I was numb and couldn’t think straight. I didn’t know anything about our finances. I had allowed myself to become very dependent on my husband. I was stressed, fearful and anxious about my present and what would become of me, my future?

I was physically trembling and very nervous when I arrived at my first appointment with Amber. I had gone to hell and back. Amber was very delicate, tactful, affectionate and friendly. I felt I could open up to her in my vulnerability and that I would be safe. I felt supported, held by her. She is very human. After our first meeting I found it so much easier to attend the meetings that followed. I felt more at peace as I was confident Amber would take care of me.

My case was a complex one so we had no choice but to litigate. I sometimes found it hard to recall the information. During our meetings Amber taught me simple breathing exercises, helped me to calm down and ‘unlocked’ the information to present my case fairly and truthfully to the Court. Amber is like an angel and has a calming effect. I was in a lot of emotional pain but she carried me through the case - everything was so surreal.

I am no good at emails so Amber would call me regularly so that I knew what was happening with the Court process every step of the way. Amber is passionate about her work, hardworking and was always punctual for meetings and at Court attendances. In Court, Amber’s submissions were eloquent, respectful and she was always well prepared. We won the case in a very fair outcome for both my husband and I.

One of my greatest fears was that I would not be able to afford a lawyer. Amber knew from the outset that I didn’t have access to money but she took on my case anyway. She offered me a massive discount and allowed me to pay her in over a year of monthly instalments. This had been a grave concern for me and Amber set my mind at ease.

Not only did Amber resolve my separation and divorce but she became my trusted friend, a confidant. I have a lot of praise for Amber who is a one-of-a-kind compassionate, empathetic lawyer; generous in her giving of herself to her clients at their greatest time of need. I have referred everyone I know to her. Amber simply is the best human being I’ve ever met."