Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement

Nicole Pizarro, Former Client

I first met Amber during one of the worst moments of my life, during my separation. At a time when you are most vulnerable it is essential to find someone you can trust and who not only advises you on the law but also on what is best for your family at such a traumatic time for all.

With Amber, I not only experienced empathy and compassion but it was also empowering. She always looked out for my interests and her holistic approach meant she gave me the best advice in order to be just and fair with the difficult situation. In an area of law that is almost always messy and cut throat, where a breakdown of a relationship brings resentment and anger, Amber always kept the focus on wellbeing and advised me on how to navigate it all in the best way for all, my very young daughter included.

Looking back and still to this day, I believe that the way forward in this kind of legal family practice is that there is a focus on wellbeing for the client. I have recently had support from Amber again in this way and have found it very beneficial. I would definitely recommend Amber's Holistic legal services to anyone who is going through any sort of problem requiring legal advice. I wish other lawyers would follow suit in this innovative and peaceful approach.