Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement

Henry Pinna, Public Services Ombudsman Gibraltar 1999-2003

I have known Amber since 1999, when as Gibraltar’s first Public Services Ombudsman I recruited Amber amongst many other applicants as one of two qualified lawyers who would act as my Legal Assistants. I saw that she had the professional and human qualities I was looking for.

Amber excelled in objectivity and total independence when resolving disputes between members of the public and public services departments. She enjoyed investigating and resolving complicated complaints into which she dealt meticulously and methodically, producing final assessments and reports which were consistently of the highest standard and where objectivity, impartiality and sensitive insights prevailed.

Although Amber left the office of the Ombudsman after some years of service to read her Masters’ Degree in Law at Bristol University, England, I have kept in touch with her, we are good friends and I have continued to take an interest in her professional journey and progress in life.

I am happy to say that the passage of time has not diminished Amber’s enthusiasm, human values and zest for work. Amber has continued to grow in professional and personal maturity. As a ‘Holistic Lawyer’, Amber continues to face and tackle resolutely and effectively her clients’ challenging and complex legal problems.