Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement

Jeffrey Rhodes, Former Client

I could say that it was by luck that Amber was recommended to me by a friend, after a chance meeting in a supermarket. But I can say for sure that God's hand was involved in directing me to her.

After being summoned to go to court, not only did Amber rescue me from a situation that was totally unfair, with skill and expertise, but she turned the situation around completely. She did this without aggression neither in her writing nor in her words spoken. Just with truth, understanding and the facts. Amber put my case forward with such skill that the lawyer for the other party could see that her client had no grounds for complaint.

At the end of the case it could have seemed that it was I who instigated it because after all I had been deprived of my legal rights as a father for years. The Judge granted me all my rights without me having to fight, or defend, a case in the courtroom.

Amber’s goal throughout the case was for a fair result for everyone in the family. She looked after my well-being both emotionally and financially and I can say that she achieved this with great success.

I would highly recommend Amber to anyone who has been wrongly accused, or who does not want to see their child/ren being drawn into the court atmosphere. I would say that there is no better person to seek the right outcome for all.

There are many good people in this world. I’m happy to say Amber is one of the Good Good Ones. She cares! Not for the money, but for the people she represents!