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  • creative solution for complex issues

    creative solution for complex issues

Amber joined the Global Movement that started in the 1980s in the USA and is growing in Global influence, towards a Holistic and Therapeutic approach to practicing Law; creating a more loving and peaceful human existence for all.  

This is possible if more Lawyers ‘awaken’ and harness our power as a force for good, to then guide our clients from a place of conflict, towards a space of clarity, peace and healing”,

Amber Turner BSc(Hons) LLM, Founder Amber Law

When I founded Amber Law in 2013, it was to create the first Holistic Law firm that I knew of.  I wanted to create a law firm with a difference, one which sees the human being behind each client, and not just their legal problem, or potential for fee earning!  A law firm that supports clients at all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  My mission statement in 2013 was 'to positively transform family life', because behind every legal problem is a human who suffers stress, anxiety and even depression.  I consider it my duty of care towards my clients to resolve their legal problem as peaceably as possible; guide them to discover the underlying reason(s) why they came to have a legal problem; and provide external support through my Holistic Well-being Network, empowering their transformational journeys to clarity, peace and healing. Peace and healing which will resonate within their families in the 'ripple effect'. My Mission is to teach other lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers my Holistic Law Model and invite you to join our Global Movement.     

After applying my Holistic approach to hundreds of cases throughout 17 years’ litigation experience mainly in the areas of employment, family and children law, in the Magistrates Court, Supreme Court and Employment Tribunal of Gibraltar, in around 2016 I took my legal practice to the 'next level' by creating a Holistic Legal Consultancy. Here I promote alternative, more peaceful and therapeutic pathways to legal/ dispute resolution.  I have since also built a solid global network of like-minded lawyers, judges, students, academics and social policy workers, who in turn, play their unique part as trail-blazers and game changers in the legal and social justice field.  

What I do...

  • I train lawyers, students, solicitors and barristers on how to practice as Holistic Lawyers, inviting you to join the Global Integrative Law Movement, towards creating a more loving and peaceful human existence for all, yourself included! Subscribe, see our Workshops section, or Contact Us for more information. 

  • I offer a Holistic Legal Consultancy which creatively resolves your easy and complex legal problems and disputes away from court rooms, importantly reducing mental and emotional harm to adults and children, reducing the time in obtaining results whilst keeping legal costs down; using a strong foundation built on core values of balance, truth, integrity, non-violence and non-stealing.

  • I aim to bring you clarity and peace of mind, primarily by exploring the underlying reasons why problems/ disputes have arisen in the first place, so that you can break the chain (possibly of intergenerational trauma) and avoid similar circumstances arising in the future. This can be achieved by early identification of the red flags, or triggers, that may lead to negative or destructive behaviour, or situations arising.

  • I offer you a safe space of non-judgment, supported by my Holistic Well-being Network, throughout and after the process of resolving your legal dispute; creating a gentle opening for you to create a new life path with new possibilities and opportunities. As Tony Robbins says, “The Past Does Not Equal the Future Unless You Live There.”

Why I Practice Holistic Law...

My parents separated when I was 5 years old. Being a child of an acrimonious separation and divorce is the reason I became in the main a Lawyer for families with a focus on child protection.  It gave me an insight and experience lived which taught me that people need to be treated as a whole, not ‘edited out’ of their legal problem. Legal and personal challenges are often, if not always, inextricably linked.

Disputes undoubtedly give rise to a negative state of mind which may lead to increased stress, anxiety, depression and tragically, even death by suicide. Those close to our clients will be affected too, which we refer to as the ‘ripple effect’.

I am passionate about and have made it my life mission, to support individuals and families from all walks of life, charities and other organisations in resolving their legal problems and disputes away from court rooms.  

I use my own ‘Holistic Law’ Model. This non-adversarial process, sees the human being behind the problem/ dispute and offers you and your loved ones, and/ or your organisation, an opportunity to achieve positive life transformation and healing with the support of our professional Holistic Well-being Network.

My experience is that addressing the dispute or legal problem alone is going short of providing clients with a real chance of attaining wellbeing or of avoiding a repetition of similar negative and harmful situations in the future. I therefore deem it my moral and social responsibility to also facilitate solutions to the personal challenges that led to, or resulted from, the legal problem/ dispute.

I am a Barrister and Acting Solicitor, called to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple (London) in 1998 and a UK Accredited Interpersonal Mediator (with UK Mediation) since 2014; but I refer to myself as a Holistic Lawyer, Facilitator, Speaker and proud Collaborator of the Global Integrative Law Movement. 

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