Amber Law Holistic Lawyer Movement

David B. Wexler, Co-Founder Therapeutic Jurisprudence, USA

"Holistic Lawyer Amber Turner was a Guest for the very first meeting organized by the UK Chapter of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence, https://www.intithcom, held in June 2019, at the Open University of Milton Keynes. I was to be the Keynote Speaker in the first Conference planned for 16th April 2020 at Plymouth University, with Amber invited as one of five Guest Speakers.

Along came Covid-19 however and the live conference was cancelled, ultimately held on Zoom. It was nonetheless a successful event and Amber was an active participant who made an excellent impression on me. We have kept in touch and Amber is now an active and productive member of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence, especially interested in working with its UK Chapter. Amber explains that her Model of Legal Practice which she calls, 'Holistic Law', fits in with the essence of Therapeutic Jurisprudence which, '...values psychologically healthy outcomes in legal disputes and transactions'.

Amber's Holistic Law Model aims to: creatively resolve legal problems away from court rooms; increase client wellbeing while resolving legal problems and disputes; and support lawyers' and clients' mental, emotional and physical health during the legal or mediation process. This is achieved through support drawn from her network of vetted global wellbeing professionals such as: Family Therapists, Psychotherapists, Mindfulness Coaches and even Art Therapists to name a few!

I am delighted that Amber from the Rock of Gibraltar, has joined our global professional community and I wish her every success. Her interest in TJ is especially rewarding to me, as I first conceptualized and named 'Therapeutic Jurisprudence' in 1987 and worked with my now late colleague Bruce Winick to develop the field, now flourishing as an interdisciplinary and international venture.